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Traffic & Transit

I believe that ours is a community hungry for the opportunity to be part of the solution.  If we are to survive the 21st century, I believe that government must play a crucial role in providing that access, especially in transit.

Opportunities for change begin with our current public transit system. By providing consistent and convenient START bus options, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, and vehicle-wildlife collisions, as well as support our workforce and local businesses. Below are four ways we can bring about transit change:

  • Generate more frequent and efficient services on current START bus lines.

  • Create new routes to areas south of Jackson and possibly the airport.

  • Increase commuter services dramatically.

  • Ensure revenue to support the necessary route increases.

Additionally, we must develop a smart road network that provides redundancy, efficiency, and decreased trip times for carpoolers and bus riders.

For a Deeper Dive into my solutions for Traffic and Transit in Teton County, please CLICK HERE.

Traffic & Transit: Issues
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