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Social Services

Our community will suffer greatly if programs that support mental health, childhood development, and care for the elderly continue to diminish.  It is imperative that our social service providers have our full support, both philosophically and financially. 


Given the recent cuts in State and Federal funding, I support the collection of a half-mill levy to ensure a dedicated funding source for our mental health and human service programs.  I also support increasing the rate for Early Childhood Care and Education to half a mill (from .1).  This represents an increase of merely $171/year for a property valued at $2M.

Developing a dedicated funding source for mental health and human service programs will provide stability and relief for local organizations dedicated to maintaining our community’s health and stability.  In time, we will watch our investment in essential services pay off as fewer children, families, and individuals slip through our safety nets. 

Providing stability and support for early childhood care is one of the best investments a community can make.  As anyone raising kids in this community knows, early childhood care options are limited and limiting.  With better dedicated funding the organizations looking out for our kids can grow their capacity to better meet our community needs.

For a deeper dive into my positions on taxes and funding, please CLICK HERE.

Mental Health & Human Services: Issues
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