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My Political Path

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency in 2016 deeply affected me- as a student of history, as a patriotic American, and as an average voter.  Over the course of the next year, as I began to attend public meetings and give public voice to my opinions, I endured similar moments of frustration with local leadership.  


In June of 2018 after a particularly gruesome public meeting, I resolved to run for office myself.  Running as an Independent the past two election cycles, I have experienced the rigors of a campaign and have gained a significant understanding of the issues facing our community.

This cycle, I am running as a Democrat.  Because I missed the filing deadline, I launched a write-in primary campaign.  To support me, please write in "Wes Gardner" if you are voting in the Democratic Primary.  If you are voting in the Republican Primary, please support Liz Cheney for Congress!

Please take your time to research my candidacy on this site.  I am running to represent the interests of the community, and I believe it is important that I spell out in detail my solutions to our problems.

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