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Compassionate- Creative - Committed

As an eleven year-old, on a road trip to Jackson Hole, I fell in love with this place.  As we left the valley, I remember turning to my Dad, a teacher, and asking, “Why don’t we live here?  I’m sure they have a school.”  As soon as I was old enough, I returned to Jackson, working summers for my uncle at Lee’s Tees. 

Twenty-five years later, I am lucky to call Teton County my home.  This place has been so good to me.  I opened my business, Teton Toys, on the Town Square.  I met my wife, Meghan Warren, playing frisbee at the Center for the Arts and married her with Mount Moran as our backdrop.  We are raising our two kids, Wren and Maeve, in Game Creek.  And I’m once again running as your candidate for County Commissioner.

Situated as we are on the doorstep of two national parks, Teton County is a land full of wonders, but it’s no picnic solving our local issues.  Our community challenges range from creating affordable workforce housing and reducing our traffic congestion to stewarding our special wild spaces and maintaining our community’s mental health.  Please check out my position on these issues as laid out below.

Now is the time for creativity and determination.  Now is the time for cooperation.  Now is the time for dynamic leadership.  My mix of academic, business, and civic experience make me an excellent candidate for Teton County Commissioner.  I currently serve on the START Board and have been active in local business and conservation efforts for many years.

I look forward to meeting you along this campaign journey.


My Political Path

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency in 2016 deeply affected me- as a student of history, as a patriotic American, and as an average voter.  Over the course of the next year, as I began to attend public meetings and give public voice to my opinions, I endured similar moments of frustration with local leadership.  


In June of 2018 after a particularly gruesome public meeting, I resolved to run for office myself.  Running as an Independent the past two election cycles, I have experienced the rigors of a campaign and have gained a significant understanding of the issues facing our community.

This cycle, I am running as a Democrat.  Because I missed the filing deadline, I launched a write-in primary campaign.  To support me, please write in "Wes Gardner" if you are voting in the Democratic Primary.  If you are voting in the Republican Primary, please support Liz Cheney for Congress!

Please take your time to research my candidacy on this site.  I am running to represent the interests of the community, and I believe it is important that I spell out in detail my solutions to our problems.

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